Welcome to my Gardens of Joy!

Mari Seger portrait_2020_Taavi Muide
My name is Mari, I'm a girl passionate about creating things that carry beauty and meaning.
This early passion of mine has overtime shaped me into a crafter, a designer and an artist.
Curious, thoughtful and naturally optimistic as I am, I pour my personality and fascinations into things that I can share with others.
I create, from design & wearables to art-pieces, all with the hope to inspire and bring my joys also to others.
Academically I'm trained in Textiles and graphic design. In my practise though I love to explore materials and work in a variety of mediums.
Most often you'll see me working
with simple colours, concepts and forms.
Thanks for stopping by and joining me on this journey!
Have a good day! 😊✨



For commissions, collabs & other things feel free to contact me!  :)
E-mail at studio@mariseger.com




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