Hi there!

My name is Mari (or Maddi) and I'm an artist/designer passionate about creating memorable things with meaningful stories.

I have a degree in Textile Design and years of experience working as an independent graphic/product designer directing my own brand, creating and crafting artful wearables and providing design services to other projects.

I'm a rather curious person and my varied skills and ventures reflect that.
I've always been an enthusiast of crafts and technologies (both physical and digital), and I tend to colour across the lines of both when exploring new stories.

I see colour, abstract form and symbols as universal tools of storytelling and I use them in my work with the aim to enrich the world and lives of others around me in a way that everybody can find something of their own within the stories I tell.

For commissions, collaborations & other inquiries,
feel free to contact me:
at studio@mariseger.com



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