Bold and joyful wearables by visual & material artist Mari Seger. ♥

Hi there!

My name is Mari and I'm an artist / designer passionate about creating memorable things with meaningful stories.

I have a BA in textile design from Estonian Academy of Arts, and years of experience working as an independent graphic/product designer running my own design brand creating and crafting artful wearables. I occasionally borrow my creative brain and muscle to other projects and teams of creators (from tech to music industries) to help give visual form to their ideas and messages too.

I'm an infinitely curious person, and my varied skills and approaches reflect that.
I'm an enthusiast of crafts and technologies (both material and digital), and I tend to colour across the lines of both when exploring thoughtful stories. To capture an idea at hand, I hunt for inventive, efficient and qualitative ways of execution all across the board.

Majority of my work focuses on strong visual ideas and the exploration of colour and symbols. I believe in the power of both - I see them as universal storytellers, a non-verbal language capable of connecting us in ways that the verbal one doesn't.

I believe in the better - optimism is an important driver of mine - and I aim to enrich the world and lives of others with my work, ideas and experiences.

With inquiries about commissions, collaborations & other things,
feel free to contact me! 
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