Hello! :)

My name is Mari and I'm an artist / crafter / designer.

My greatest passion is creating memorable artifacts.
From art-pieces that let me reflect and set my expression free
to wearables that inspire and bring joy to people.

In my pursuit of creating meaningful and lively creations,
I combine my curiosity of crafts with my natural optimism.
Most often I find myself working with simple colours, concepts and forms.
Many of them inspired by or derived from the nature.

From my training in Textiles to experiences as a graphic designer and
a lifelong crafting enthusiast, I keep on exploring.
Seeking for new paths on my journey.


If you're interested, you can browse my graduation portfolio to get a glimpse of my textile works.
The personal portfolio site is currently being updated.

Also, you can follow my journey more closely on Instagram. ;)



For commisions, offers & questions feel free to contact me! 
Use the contact form below
or e-mail me at studio@mariseger.com