Welcome to the Gardens of Joy!

This is a place of colourful stories for you to wear.


The Story

In honour of nature's longing to sprout and blossom - the first wearable Leaves were born in the early spring of 2017.

They have grown ever since and become a well-loved series by many Estonian design loving women.


LEAVES are dedicated to the real flowers - Women.

They are made to accompany the natural beauty of flowers and complement their blossoming look.

Every woman should find a complementing pair from the wide color-range of LEAVES to fit their style, mood or the occasion.

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The Creator

The series was created by a young Estonian designer Mari Seger.

She is a versatile creator and a passionate human being.

Versed in graphic and textile design, but loves to work across mediums to tell stories and bring out the best of herself and people through colours and joy.