Rising like a Fireweed.

So, few months ago I started the series 'Botanical Jewels' to bring more of nature's graphic inspirations into my work and with it pay homage to my many botanical muses.

It started with the coneflower, and now I've found my next muse in the Fireweed. Or the Willow's orchid as the Japanese would call it.

The story of what makes the Fireweed so powerful is that it's the first plant that grows after an area of land has been devastated by fire. It signals to the rest of the nature that it's time to regrow. And that's why Fireweed has a strong symbolism of release, rebirth and potential for something new.


So, some of you may have noticed that I took a break recently. I decided to let go of some older projects and figure out where I really wanted to put my focus on when it comes to my creative work.


Fireweed, like a true muse, appeared on my drawing board without me even knowing exactly why. She just arrived. And when I looked into her and figured out her symbolism, what she stands for, it suddenly became so clear. 

A certain shift had happened in my thinking and I was ready to burn down some old restraints that I had put on myself, and become creatively free again.
I found myself excited to go and take on more creative adventures and to start sharing a broader spectrum of my creativity with you than I've done so far.

So here we go! This is the story of how the new chapter 'YAKEDO' came together. Representing the Fireweed as the solace queen of change. And the rebirth of my creativity.

(Btw, this "re-birth" also brought my renewed brand name - from Studio Mari Seger into a simplified Mari__Seger.) ;)

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PS. A reminder for myself or anybody else who might need it -
there's always room for us to grow, and we also have the power to make room for that growth. :)







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