New series "Botanical Jewels" + LOOKBOOK

Mari Seger portrait
I've dreamt of creating more botanical inspired work for some time now and with the spring vibes it really felt like a good time to start.
So, instead of keeping my admiration of all-things-plants to myself, I decided to start a new series - Botanical Jewels - a nature-inspired diary of wearable artefacts where I pay homage to my many botanical muses.

Each chapter will get its perks and quirks from a certain species. And inspired by their looks and characteristics, I'll be creating a variety of items that one can wear or decorate their homes with.

 Studio Mari Seger, Botanical Jewels, earrings BOSHI, spring green

The first chapter BŌSHI is inspired by the powerful flower Echinacea purpurea and its sister Rudbeckia hirta.
I'll tell you more about them in my next post.

And here you can take a look at the fresh lookbook:

Lookbook - 'BŌSHI', Botanical Jewels
photos: Mari Seger
technical set: Taavi Muide
Muses are Kärolin and Anna, who also helped with style and MUH.
Set was in-house and the plants are all habitants of my studio.

See the full collection: Botanical Jewels, chapter BŌSHI

And few picks for you:



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