Here, there & all over the place... Etudes of Colour II

We live in peculiar times. With all the new ways of being and communicating. Us being virtually in places that we are not physically at. Being connected but isolated at the same time. Experiencing feeling alone, but also many new kinds of 'getting together'.

Everything seems so close, but yet so far and out of reach. And it's also the other way around. We are concerned with what's happening far away next to what's close to us. And we are constantly bouncing between being fragile and stronger than ever because of it.

Being here, present, connected, online, offline, separated, out of reach.
The lines between these states are blurry.
Does being online cancel out being present? Or does being apart leave us disconnected?

Can distance also be close, and our closeness be distant?

Language can pin only some points on the spectrum of our reality, but our stories are much fuller, as they are stretched out on a continuous canvas woven by threads each connected to the others.

These are the thoughts that bring together my new (& second) edition of the Etudes of Colour series, which comes with the sub-title 'Close distance' (aka 'KINKYORI').

The 2 designs symbolise different states - TOJIRU for close and KYORI for distance. They carry 3 elemental colour schemes to capture environments with a different mood - the freshly 'Flora', little bit cosmic & ethereal 'Ether' and calmly grounded 'Terra'.

The sweatshirts are produced from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton in India, far away. Whilst the embroidered appliques are hand-crafted my be, here in Estonia.
Carrying the story of this collection, I have created the look-book images by composing photos that are created by and of people that I have never met and in places that I've never been to.
I'm an optimist, and I believe that all comes together just as it should. All the states have their role, and so does their inbetweens.
Stay well & enjoy!







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