Welcome to the Gardens of Joy!

My name is Mari and you have found my little corner I like to call the Gardens of Joy. I'm happy to have you here. So, let me tell you a little bit about myself.
designer and artist Mari Seger portrait
I'm a girl from Estonia. I love to create and I'm fascinated by the wisdom and beauty of nature.
I'm from the city, but I spent a lot of time in my early years at the countryside too, close to nature. So much so, that knowing all the plants and flowers around me was something I wouldn't think of as something out of the ordinary. It's my mother's gift to me.
I've had a good connection with nature my whole life, and I've always found myself curious about making things with my own hands.
Only in my mid-20s I started to realised how well my love and respect towards the almighty and wise nature was aligned with my own optimistic nature and passion of creating. And I began to understand my calling.
designer and artist Mari Seger portrait in her creative studio
Today I believe my path as a human goes along my journey of creating things that carry beauty and meaning. Things that speak to people and bring them recognition, ease and joy. Things that carry beauty and can touch a heart with just a thought.
Curious, thoughtful, optimistic and caring as I naturally am, I live to pour every bit of me into these tangible things that can be shared with others. Just to move and inspire, to keep and help to keep faith and to simply connect with each other.
I guess that's all for my short introduction. I say - welcome to my Gardens of Joy!
And I hope you'll find something worthwhile.
Here and elsewhere. ;)



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